Choosing The Right Stereo

Thursday, January 20, 2011  | 

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So you've come to the realization that you really do want some new tunes in your ride. Great, that's a good first step! Now the next step is where many consumers get lost - choosing a starting point as to what you will upgrade first.

Unless you've set aside the $$, going all gung-ho with stereo equipment, buying whatever your local retailer says you need, simply isn't the best idea. You simply don't need to buy the stereo, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers all at once. This certainly will get you an awesome system, fast, but for those on a budget looking for an upgrade for your speakers and added features, the stereo is a great place to start.

Unless you have a factory (OEM) stereo that has navigation, ipod and/or bluetooth already built in, you will benefit the most by having an aftermarket one installed. You may already have your go-to brand such as Alpine or Pioneer, so do some research and check out their new lines of stereos. Don't be afraid of looking at other models and brands you are not familiar with. You may find that the JVC equivalent of the Alpine model you're looking at has added features for the same price such as illumination color options (31, to be exact) and an easier iPod interface.You will also want to look at what features you really want such as iPod, Bluetooth for hand-free calling, multiple USB ports, DVD playback, 7+ band equalizer and even crossover adjustments. Whatever your final sound system plans are, they should impact your stereo choice. One thing to keep in mind is that you really won't regret your decision in terms of going "too high end". Think about it, its the one electronic you fiddle the most with when you are in the vehicle and the one that contributes the most  to your relaxation and enjoyment while driving. Happy hunting.



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