What is Acme?

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Webster defines ACME: : the highest point or stage; also : one that represents perfection of the thing expressed 

Acme Tops and Tunes has been serving the Sacramento, CA area since 1945. Beginning as a 'top shop', the company built its foundation in excellent customer service for those who required convertible top and upholstery repair. Fast forward a couple of years and Acme added car audio into the mix. With the explosion of car technology in the late 80's (8-track got it rolling!), Acme continued to add various electronics throughout the 90's. Carrying only the once premier brands including Phoenix Gold, Image Dynamics, Orion, Xtant, Diamond Audio and Eclipse from their hay day, on up to our current lines of Arc Audio, Focal, Audio Control, Wet Sounds, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine and Stinger, Acme serves only the pinnacle of car audio electronics while maintaining our outstanding reputation in auto and marine upholstery. Being able separate ourselves from the average shop that say they know how to do it, allows us to exemplify the fact that we are the 'Acme' of our trade.

We look forward to providing our readers with insight into the inner workings of car audio and upholstery. From our expert opinions and recommendations, to the entertaining work that comes through the shop, our aim is to educate rather than to sell. 

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