BF Xenon HID's Beat the Competitor

Wednesday, January 16, 2013  | 

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BF Xenon HID Peripheral lighting
In a comparison between BF Xenon, an anonymous automotive parts seller and standard stock headlight, BF Xenon headlights have proven to be superior among other quality lighting choices. The energy efficiency and convenience provide comfortable driving and less hassle.

We found that BF Xenon provides peripheral lighting for safer driving. The white light increases street lights and reflective paints visibility.

Competitors HID lighting
Stock Lighting
The competitors product and the stock headlight uses forward lighting that fails to illuminate the street and necessary signs around the driver.

The lack of filament to break or degrade in the HID lighting makes it far superior in energy efficiency providing ten times more life than other headlights. With 65% less energy being used, because of the HID lighting using Bi-Xenon technology instead of the stock conventional quad lighting, CO2 emissions are reduced by 2.1 g/mil.

Left: BF Xenon HID Ballast;
Right: Competitors HID Ballast

The ease of installation also made BF Xenon desirable among its competitors. The BF Xenon ballast was less bulky and took only 20 minutes to install, compared to the 45 minutes that the competitors product took due to finding a suitable dry location for a larger ballast.

BF Xenon’s HID lighting provides better quality and efficiency than stock lighting and its competitors resulting in safer driving.


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