BF Xenon HID's Beat the Competitor

Wednesday, January 16, 2013  | 

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BF Xenon HID Peripheral lighting
In a comparison between BF Xenon, an anonymous automotive parts seller and standard stock headlight, BF Xenon headlights have proven to be superior among other quality lighting choices. The energy efficiency and convenience provide comfortable driving and less hassle.

We found that BF Xenon provides peripheral lighting for safer driving. The white light increases street lights and reflective paints visibility.

Competitors HID lighting
Stock Lighting
The competitors product and the stock headlight uses forward lighting that fails to illuminate the street and necessary signs around the driver.

The lack of filament to break or degrade in the HID lighting makes it far superior in energy efficiency providing ten times more life than other headlights. With 65% less energy being used, because of the HID lighting using Bi-Xenon technology instead of the stock conventional quad lighting, CO2 emissions are reduced by 2.1 g/mil.

Left: BF Xenon HID Ballast;
Right: Competitors HID Ballast

The ease of installation also made BF Xenon desirable among its competitors. The BF Xenon ballast was less bulky and took only 20 minutes to install, compared to the 45 minutes that the competitors product took due to finding a suitable dry location for a larger ballast.

BF Xenon’s HID lighting provides better quality and efficiency than stock lighting and its competitors resulting in safer driving.

Choosing The Right Stereo

Thursday, January 20, 2011  | 

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So you've come to the realization that you really do want some new tunes in your ride. Great, that's a good first step! Now the next step is where many consumers get lost - choosing a starting point as to what you will upgrade first.

Unless you've set aside the $$, going all gung-ho with stereo equipment, buying whatever your local retailer says you need, simply isn't the best idea. You simply don't need to buy the stereo, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers all at once. This certainly will get you an awesome system, fast, but for those on a budget looking for an upgrade for your speakers and added features, the stereo is a great place to start.

Unless you have a factory (OEM) stereo that has navigation, ipod and/or bluetooth already built in, you will benefit the most by having an aftermarket one installed. You may already have your go-to brand such as Alpine or Pioneer, so do some research and check out their new lines of stereos. Don't be afraid of looking at other models and brands you are not familiar with. You may find that the JVC equivalent of the Alpine model you're looking at has added features for the same price such as illumination color options (31, to be exact) and an easier iPod interface.You will also want to look at what features you really want such as iPod, Bluetooth for hand-free calling, multiple USB ports, DVD playback, 7+ band equalizer and even crossover adjustments. Whatever your final sound system plans are, they should impact your stereo choice. One thing to keep in mind is that you really won't regret your decision in terms of going "too high end". Think about it, its the one electronic you fiddle the most with when you are in the vehicle and the one that contributes the most  to your relaxation and enjoyment while driving. Happy hunting.


What is Acme?

Friday, January 14, 2011  | 

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Webster defines ACME: : the highest point or stage; also : one that represents perfection of the thing expressed 

Acme Tops and Tunes has been serving the Sacramento, CA area since 1945. Beginning as a 'top shop', the company built its foundation in excellent customer service for those who required convertible top and upholstery repair. Fast forward a couple of years and Acme added car audio into the mix. With the explosion of car technology in the late 80's (8-track got it rolling!), Acme continued to add various electronics throughout the 90's. Carrying only the once premier brands including Phoenix Gold, Image Dynamics, Orion, Xtant, Diamond Audio and Eclipse from their hay day, on up to our current lines of Arc Audio, Focal, Audio Control, Wet Sounds, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine and Stinger, Acme serves only the pinnacle of car audio electronics while maintaining our outstanding reputation in auto and marine upholstery. Being able separate ourselves from the average shop that say they know how to do it, allows us to exemplify the fact that we are the 'Acme' of our trade.

We look forward to providing our readers with insight into the inner workings of car audio and upholstery. From our expert opinions and recommendations, to the entertaining work that comes through the shop, our aim is to educate rather than to sell. 

Have a question? Ask the experts.


Pilot Blog Post! (Why Car Audio is Awesome)

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If you're of age and a human in this great place called Earth, chances are you've been to a music concert starring your favorite band and/or artist. After reading that, you now likely have that artist/bands' music playing in your head. Remember how awesome it was to hear the first number's beat drop or drum kick? It was the beginning of a good night, for sure. Loud music, great friends, plenty of cold beer - albeit pricey, but a good time nonetheless! The core of the experience was indeed, the music. Whether it was the 'slap a da bass' or the hard-hitting subwoofer note, it was the intensity of the music that really got your chest moving and mind into the music. This is what makes a great track even greater!

Now consider your car - it doesn't matter if you have an 89 Prelude or an 09 Titan, chances are you or someone who's ride you sat in had 'blown' speakers. You know, that rattle and buzz coming from the speaker when the volume is at ANY level! Or maybe you've experienced the ugly distortion whenever you cranked your system. Whatever the sub-par sound was, were you in any way impressed or satisfied with the sound? Didn't think so.

This is where aftermarket car audio comes in. A simple upgrade like swapping out your radio to as much as upgrading door speakers and adding amplifiers, the difference is phenomenal in comparison to factory equipment. Imagine the dominating drum kick generating in the cabin, or the sensual strum of the acoustic guitar or even the detail of hearing the jazz soloist take another breathe. It's simply amazing when you hear it. Focal is one good example of a brand that strives to exemplify these features. The SQ (sound quality) part of the industry also focuses on 'staging'. This is when you sit in the front seat and close your eyes, you would actually be able point out the position of the musician, mimicking the effect of an actual sound stage. The detail of the music is just as important as the volume level. 

When you think about much time is actually spent on your daily commute, wouldn't it be awesome to have your own personal 'concert stage' floating right on your dash? Uh, duh!

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